Jim Trainer


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rake-thin brother getting
burned by the sun
conducting the brute-wildest symphony
you’ve never heard

tomcat cross-eyed and lucky
lower than a dragon in the shade

sweetie on the P.M.
tellin’ em “Y’ALL GET THE FUCK
and burning down a Newport
at dawn

radio man in a room
pushing ‘gainst the walls of this city
like a saint

grackle in the court
yelling into the dusk
like he saying
You ain’t blacker’n me!

Night outside my window
with a flatbar and kill kit
sees me pass under
until I get to the room

room it welcomes me
humming like an engine
in a ravine
tells me I’m one away from
that there ain’t nobody
blue as me.

Please join us this Thursday September 22 as we celebrate the unofficial release of STRIDE, my 8th collection of poetry, with with a reading featuring luminaries of the Austin poetry community. Copies of STRIDE will be available at 40% off with the cost of admission, as well as a limited edition and letterpressed broadside of my poem “RECURRENT” (at 30% off with ticket price). 

This will be an intimate affair at the last confederate governor of the U.S.’ old place, and a 118-year-old historical building and living museum, owned and operated by a yankee.  A VDR of Travis County will be on hand to help you make sure you’re registered to vote this November.


Tiffany Dansby
Spencer Mirabal
Joe Brundidge

7-9:30 P.M. CDT
$15 with ticket/$20 at the door.
(Comped admission available for anyone unable to meet the ticket price.  Just write me.)

For tickets:

Patrons get in for free!

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