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Hello ight

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“It’s sheared off.” Steve said. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”
The letter ‘n’ had flown off the President XII one night writing poetry. I rode out to Duncan-Muñoz Office Machines on a hateful day to see if Steve could fix it.
“How much you get this for?” He asked.
“Seventeen dollars.” I touched the carriage with the tip of my finger. “And it’s done me a world of good too. I can’t tell you how many poems I wrote with this typewriter. We ruled it, brother. We conquered.”
Steve lit up a Marlboro Light 100.
“Yeah, well. I’d call it a day hermano. Looks like you got your money’s worth.”
“Nah,” I said. “I’ll keep her. I just won’t write anything with the letter ‘n’ anymore.”
Me and Steve laughed.
I loaded the President XII into the Kia in the cold. I looked down at the machine as I drove.
“You are a beautiful machine.” I told it. “You helped me make a masterpiece of my pain and for this I thank you. You are my friend.”
The sun was setting on Braker and the night was coming down.
“Hello Night,” I said to the enemy. “Let’s get this over with.”


Xmas in Texas

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rode up to Hillside met her
with the twinkling warm lights
of South Austin below
we drank heady red wine(s)
and stole out to the terrace to smoke
in the cold night.
it’d been
almost 9 months for her
and he sent her a text just that
“it isn’t good news…” she said
to hear from him
on her first Thanksgiving without him
in 6 years
it wasn’t good news but truth
that snapped her out of her
“silly, hopeful stupor”.
what she had been waiting for
had finally came
but it didn’t make her happy, though.
even if he changed his mind
and had something different to say
it didn’t matter
what his text told her
what it really said to her
was that she was holding on
and waiting for it-for
him to come around
and when he finally did reach out
she knew it was really all too late
“what I found out,” she starts slowly
holding back the tears
“is that I’ve been holding on
and that I can’t hold on to nothing
we went to bed early, around 10
and we lay in her bed
unromantic but
two bodies pressed into each other
sweetly, softly
breathing together
holding on
to each other.



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I can tell, just one look in your eye
that it’s time
We may have spent our nights in hell
but it’s time
Here’s to all your love it got us nowhere
Here’s to hoping you’ll meet us when you get there
For that woman I would die
for that woman I would not live
You, my friend, through all the lies,
it is for you I wanna’ give
The bags are packed the sun is up there
gonna’ get to that place someday, somewhere

Roll the dice, walk the line
kiss it all goodbye

We’ll get there if we have to march
on a road of bones

Time’s gone by and nothing’s changed
and this feeling’s only grown
For my sins how much should I atone?
This town’s been dead since we were born


One From the Heart-Bev Haven

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Punk’s not dead, it just sucks now.
-Grafitti in the Men’s Room at the 9:30 Club, Washington D.C.

Punk IS dead but, whaddiyagonnado? Rock&Roll can never die and this cut from my OG Homeboy is phenomenal. Check it:
And I could crush you to dust
with the thrust of my arms
through the void of your loss
Yeah, it’s that good. Last time I was in Philly, Bev Haven gave me a copy of “The Mysticism of Sound&Music-The Sufi Teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan” but the best part was his inscription:

Let this jam be a salve to your blue&bruised heart throughout the Loveless Winter in America.  And come out to Melodies Cafe in Ardmore next week to see me, Bev Haven and an all-star lineup perform.


Acoustic Stateshow
an evening of Singer-Songwriters
Jim Trainer
Bev Haven
Mark Thousands
Saturday December 14, 2013
at Melodie’s Cafe
2 E Lancaster Ave.
Ardmore, PA 19003

For more information visit the events page on Facebook.