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something Papa taught me

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what does the fish get?
the hook
what do you get?
the same.
living in eternal victory
is a lonely enterprise
the world is full of losers
looking for a shoulder,
or a target.
don’t go in for it, man
break away
sit deep in your throne
and let them roil in small worry.
proving how special you are
takes the magic out of love
makes it
a competition.
don’t do it, man
in a contest of fools
just surrender.

Shrieks of Paradise, Correspondenc&Rails#16

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Dear Mr. Trainer –

Thank you so much for your submission and your kind words!  I would very much like to include your poems “Celeste,” “the bane of it, still,” and “my pain has tossed me out of the alabaster rooms” in The Waggle Issue 2.  If these are still available, and you are willing to have me include them, please let me know.  I look forward to hearing from you!
Anna Lapointe