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The Pale-Bellied Mourner

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From National Poetry Month 2014 by Maureen Ferguson

Going for the Throat

The Pale-Bellied Mourner is a bird. It’s latin name is, Rhytipterna immunda. Immunda means dirty/unclean. It’s just this grey, dirty-looking bird that no one really cares about, but has a pretty song. Anyway, I read about these little guys and I just liked them, so I wrote this in my diary.xo

The Pale-Bellied Mourner

Goes greatly unnoticed
to the unseasoned eye
Dull grey, yellowed
like a paperback
you read too many times while chain smoking
Goes greatly unnoticed
to the amatuer eye
But, see these are the things I know how to find.

by Maureen Ferguson


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Please join us for a great night of poetry and spoken word. Jim Trainer returns to Philly to perform and read with wonderful poet Charlie O’Hay and multi-media artist Bevan McShea.


Charles O’Hay is the recipient of a 1995 Pennsylvania Council on the Arts fellowship in poetry. His poems have appeared in over 100 literary publications including Gargoyle, South Carolihna Review, Brooklyn Review, West Branch, Mudfish, and New York Quarterly.
The author lives with his wife and daughter in eastern Pennsylvania. Far From Luck and Smoking In Elevators, O’Hay’s full-length collections of poetry are out now through Lucky Bat Books.

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Farewell to Armor, Jim Trainer’s debut full-length collection of poetry, is out now through WragsInk Press. Trainer is the founder of Yellow Lark Press. He currently lives in Austin, Texas where he serves as contributor, curator and editor of Going For The Throat, a twice-weekly publication of cynicism, outrage, correspondence and romance.


Bevan McShea is an artist, musician, and poet from Philadelphia. His journey into poetry began while living in New York City’s East Village, where his spoken word performances earned him a feature presentation at NuYorican Poets Cafe. Bevan’s style has continued to evolve as he weaves his spiritual reflections, lyrical mysticism, and his love for cities and travel into his poetry. His first collection, “The Contour Lion,” is out now through WragsInk Press.

Moonstone Poetry Presents
An Evening of Poetry&Spoken Word
Jim Trainer, Farewell to Armor(WragsInk)
Bevan McShea, The Contour Lion(WragsInk)
Charlie O’Hay, Far From Luck, Smoking in Elevators(Lucky Bat Books)
Thursday June 18
Brandywine Workshop
728 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146

CONTACT: Jim Trainer: 512-203-6288