Jim Trainer


Jim Trainer is a communicator.  Growing up in the hardcore scene of the early 90’s taught him everything he needed to know about real work.  Jim Trainer believes in rock and roll.  It may be our only salvation in this dark world.  He’s carried the torch for independent media, broadcasting as one of the early voices of Radio Volta(88.1fm)and writing for the Philadelphia IMC’s Wire in the early aughts.  He’s appeared as The Reason, broadcasting on WKDU 91.7fm while writing for its Communiqué.  He’s been the driver for several internationally touring metal bands, taking him to every state in the Continental U.S.  He’s followed that Americana sound all the way down to Austin, TX where he works as a Singer/Songwriter and contributes to Verbicide Magazine.  “We are not that different, you and I.”  If you hear his voice on the air or read his words on the page, Jim Trainer is trying to break down the separation they have built between us.  Jim Trainer believes you can be set free and that communication is the key.

  1. I’ve enjoyed many a performance by Jim Trainer; and let me say: heartfelt, powerful, clear. Join him for an upcoming show–you’ll thank him for the catharsis.

  2. Thank you, Carole. You get it. You really do.

  3. Do Work JT! DO WORK!!!

  4. Jim, your writing is very evocative if I may venture an opinion. Has a poetic feel. Carries weight. Don

  5. tits jim: what more do you want?

  6. this guy is deep and real
    let him stay strong, upfront
    sharing the word

  7. I found you through a mutual friend I went to high school with very good friend of mine back then and well seen your site on her page and I wanted to check you out and see what you’re all about you sound very interesting and I would like to know more hear and learn with that said I hate my message reaches you and I get a reply or return that I can also tune in thank you for your time.

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