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DARKNESS AT 4, Personal Journalist Jim Trainer Ends It, Dejected & Listless At Dusk …ANNOUNCING THE RELEASE OF STRIDE, Support Yellow Lark Press With A Price Break&Package Deal On Jim Trainer’s 8th Full-Length Collection Of Poetry+A Limited-Edition BroadsidePUNK’S NOT DEAD IT JUST SUCKS NOW, Jim Trainer On Nirvana At Music, Movies&HoopsTOURING IN A POST-PUNK WORLD…DATING IN THE LAND OF NOD, Didn’t Get Laid, Got In A Fight

How’s your epoch? If you’re like me and don’t wanna go all in, you just write corollary (read: extra) pieces to the Real Work and anyway put more effort into fucking off than doing the thing. I got mired writing Part 3 of OATMILK&COLD INSTANT last week, not that having too much to write about is ever a problem. One easily solved, in any event, as I’ve trained myself as a war correspondent in the throes of day labor. I got it in when I could make it and made it count. I sat down and bled and then hit Save draft and hoped for the best. In a way I was a shaman writing this way but it’s not hard to come with the full magic when engaged in craft. We unfurl what else and anyway unravel like smoke any kind of self-reflection that takes us from the moment. The moment is slipping away as I drink my nth cup of coffee and head into this November night of my 46th year cautious if unjaded, and primed.

Part 3’ll be a doozy bet, but in the meantime I am pleased to get ink on Nirvana here and on my own personal plight that we’ve all come to covet and loathe, here. I soft-released STRIDE last week, along with the details for you Good Readers to get your hands on a letterpressed broadside, black ink on lemon drop paper, of RECURRENT. RECURRENT is scheduled for a live reading this week, so join us as it broadcasts live and we can cut it up in real time bet. My troubles are many but my worries are few. When you start your day at 1A.M. you’ve little berth for any come down or talking to. You just move like a bat through the lamplit rooms and creep out just before dawn and down to the bodega for that little light in the night what else, some movement to prove to the streaming traffic you’re here, and then gone, limping like Jack Sparrow and rising up the hill like a post-punk apparition.

Patrons at the $10 level will get a signed and acknowledged copy of STRIDE absolutely free.


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