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From Letter Day 9/22/11. Send me your address and I’ll send you a letter.

Going for the Throat

The Office of Jim Trainer
Night Shift
Austin, TX

Dave Hagysback, Mako Reles
Lap of Luxury
Hippie Town



WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?  Tonight on KUT they’re playing all this Native American chant type shit on Under Currents. OK-technically there was this sample of some Indian chants in the last hour but the song McVikar’s playing now sounds like G.Razas’ ancestors doing a Flesh Offering.  Oh good, now he’s playing the Doors, my favorite.  I didn’t drop acid, did you?
Of course not.  We just live here; condemned to suffer these hippie’s sensibilities in the Pearl of the South.
When I saw Autolux at Waterloo last summer I wanted to smash a beer bottle on this feelgoody’s head.  Autolux plays killit music.  It’s not supposed to feel good you Soul Coughing choad.
Anyway I’m on the deep deep night shift.  I’m STANCHIONED in front of my laptop in the War…

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