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In National Poetry Month, poem, Poetry, TYPEWRITERS on April 6, 2015 at 10:04 pm

Cai had the most beautiful legs,
there was a dark mystery to her
that intrigued me, always
turned me on
we saw each other off&on for years.
last year, she called to tell me
she booked a room for us on the coast
could we meet like we used to?
I told her I’d get a ticket but
I bought the IBM Selectric II instead
and I retired the President XII Tower
after many nights together
in the arena, typing and getting it down
now I write on the Selectric
daily, in the afternoon, stone cold sober
I’ve written countless poems on it
and some stories, too
but I’d be lying if I told you
this was the first or the last poem
about Cai, with the beautiful legs
from Hong Kong.


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