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Anchor’s Up for National Poetry Month

In Uncategorized on March 31, 2014 at 2:22 pm

If I told you what I was doing today
would you shut up and get out of my way?

-Joe Jackson

Trainer here. Disrupting my twice-weekly publishing schedule to let you know that April is National Poetry Month.
As such I’ve started writing poetry again. And as such I’ll be posting friends&compatriots’ work on Going For The Throat all month long.
The final stages of editing on the film of the Philly reading are underway. Be great to share a clip or two with you this month as well, good&cherished Reader.
I’ll be reading tomorrow night at Bedpost Quickies;a 6-minute prose piece called You’d Be Alone Here, Too.
At once I feel so overwhelmed and unprepared. Foolish for blowing it out last night, biting back the tears with a Bloody and a 6-pack of Lonestar.
But today it’s like I suddenly woke up in Paradise and all of my dreams have come true. The greater vision I am channeling now begs these changes to be made. But the workload demands that I ain’t got time to change, that I do it and do it now.

Send me your poems:
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T.S. Eliot was right.