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Shrieks from Paradise, Correspondence&Rails#22: PUBLISHED

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If you’re receiving this email, you are a visual artist or a writer and you are featured in


Because of each and every one of you, we were able to create our best compilation yet: 114 pages of offset printed beauty with vellum inserts, a minizine, and a die cut cover. Oh yea, and a 22-song mixtape!!!!

Thank you all so much for contributing to this time capsule of art! We are celebrating this coming together of talent on AUGUST 29TH AT THE MOHAWK. You get a free copy of the zine and you are on the guest list for the show!

If you aren’t in Austin, we can mail it to you, so just write back and get us your address.

Tell your mom and dad, tell your grandma and aunts and friends that love you that they can get a copy HERE!: http://rawpawshop.com/collections/raw-paw-zine/products/raw-paw-vol-6-alien


Raw Paw

Shrieks of Paradise, Correspondence&Rails#11: Hometown Love

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I would love to include your poems “desde el escritoire con amor” and “I Feel Alright in the P.M.” in the next anthology. Congrats! I think both will make excellent additions to our book.

Attached is the agreement for you to print/sign/scan/email to me. Thanks for being a part of the next antho.


Thank You for Joining Me for National Poetry Month

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Now this reminds me of my radio days
When I’d take the mic and leave rappers amazed
No matter how large, whether gold or platinum
I take my microphone and point the shit right at them
-Craig G, Going For The Throat

I am featured in Apiary Magazine discussing one of my favorite poems in honor of National Poetry Month.  A poem of mine is featured in the 17th Annual Poetry Ink Anthology published by the Moonstone Arts Center.  Great writer Natalie Kelly is featuring My Beautiful Day, a poem of mine, on her awesome blog today.  I’ve submitted three poems to WragsInk for their next Anthology and we’re almost sold out of the second pressing of Farewell to Armor.  National Poetry Month has been good to me.

Aho.  30 days&nights drunk on Ale and screaming along with Randy Newman.  Feeling like I could live forever. A month spent scaling the highwire nights, burning down cigarillos and fortifying myself in a temple of smoke, polishing precious jewels of rage and humming haunted hymns onto the page.  I’ve still got a fucking brick of work to sort through before the Terrible Summer and I’ve got to come up with 3 poems to submit to the Philadelphia Poets Journal before days end.
I’ve manifested a life that serves the creation of Art.  I’ve staked this peak and now I can see the chain.  The slipshod condition of my inner Life and the mess of my heart were the price I paid.  Now that it ain’t all War anymore I turn my attention inward.  I look for peace within and I take the longview.

I don’t always take the time to tell you how much you mean to me.  How your support of me&my work is the blood and the road, the rope and the anchor.
May you know peace.  True&Lasting.  And if you’re called to fight I’ve always got your back.

Go forth and rebel.
-Blair Fox

See you on the streets motherfucker.
Jim Trainer


Day In The Life Of A Writer

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SUBMISSIONS…Stop sending them. What we have, we are not reading. What we were going to use, we won’t. What we requested… well you should still write it, but for yourself.
Bastards&Whores Magazine

Thought I broke the old machine.  She’s black like everything else I purchased that dark day in December 2009.  We were splitting the scene and “leaving the Farm.”  The roomate would end up in the 4th largest city in the U.S. while yours truly slid down, nice&sleazy, into the Shoal Creek Arms.
I had bought these items for my move:
-black plates
-black coffee mugs
-black silverware
-and this, most mighty of black coffee machines.
Today there was a metal spring in my coffee, the little plastic nipple had come off and was floating there in my cup, too.  I heard back from the zine-no contributor’s copies available and Bastards&Whores had shut down on “indefinite hiatus”-my submissions as good as gone.
That coffee maker fired over 90nights on the day job.  I was working in a warehouse at Real&Alexander until I landed a bartending gig at the Whip In.  I almost kissed Singhai’s feet when I got the job.  That’s about the time I switched to Yerba Matte.  The machine complied and churned out gallons of that good green stuff.  Turns out I’d work 10x harder and have to put up with infinitely more BS working there but on my first shift I went home with the tragically beautiful Lizaveta and it never stopped raining.  I knew I was trapped and it would take a little over 3 years to the day (today) until I could break out of the cycles of suffering brought on at the altars of spiritual greed&lust.  Put it to you this way-give a writer, this writer, unlimited amounts of gourmet beer, saddle him up behind a bar at the up&coming hippest spot in Hippie Town for desperate&bored young ladies with drinking problems and I’ll give you 3 years, Jack.  I’d probably still be there if I never got laid off.  Plus, my writing suffered.  It’s all angry&beerstained and largely unsubmitted.  I truly appreciate the work that made it though.  Those poems and etc. are stronger than time and what a fucking miracle the long hours on the sinking throne can be.

Meanwhile, I’m looking through pieces that didn’t make it into the book and some other things I’ve been working on.  I’m still kicking myself in the balls for not submitting to Philadelphia Stories.  I only came back from that town the day before, just in time for their Winter deadline but-no.  I’d have to settle in to 11days on shift, and your wretched recanting of empty consumerism-the holidays.
I had three pieces written by the time I woke up on my second day back in town.  They were ready.  I wasn’t.

I just swallowed two tiny pieces of black plastic floating in my black mug of extra-dark French Roast.  I got the bigger of the two pieces out with my index finger but when I went for the other it fell back in so I just called it a day and drank it down.
The Year of the Snake is upon us and this one’s been lying low in the weeds and thrush.  I been caught up in the dayjob and I’ve got a bad case of the Submission blues.
I’m going up on the mountain.  Won’t be back for some time.  I’m learning the Analytics and mechanics of blog writing thanks to Ms. Hipstercrite, and I’m amassing and tweaking the hardware for the MAMU.  I’ll be appearing in a small room under the hot lights in a town near you and hopefully on the pages of the various poetry collections printed in the Spring/Summer/Fall of 2013.

I’m breaking the longview down into days.  Days like these when the old black machine breaks down but nothing is really wrong.  We’ll be together again.  See you on the streets motherfucker.