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Winter Birds

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Love of my Life, let go of my hand
I’m about to be reborn
through the canal, to the other side
Not sure who I’ll be
We lit us furious so madly in love
we burned our thousand suns
Time to cleave the fruit from the rind

I was 11 when my Father left
my sisters, momma and me
I’m as old now as he was then
you gonna have to set me free

Love and Death are the curious things
but in Life you can be sure
“A ship is but a building until
it leaves the shore”
I have his watch, his old cologne
a polaroid of him waving bye
All the phones hangin off they hooks
sayin Mama don’t you cry’

Does the sun in the sky need love?
Is the moon up there all alone?
How can the man in his cell be more free
than a King up on his throne?

“Born into trouble as the sparks fly upward”
fate trumps mystery
Lookin for home but we’re bound to leave
home will we ever be?
I been singin this roadsong so long
the one my daddy taught us
You been standing by the clothesline since summer
see what them winter birds’ve brought us

Let me go and as you float away
take a look down at your feet
As the Earth drops from view
you realize it’s you who’s set free

(c) 2011 Jim Trainer

Live at Melodies Cafe

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Tonight at Melodies Cafe
Songs of Sadness&Light
Mark Thousands
Andrew Meoray
Cardinal Arms
Jim Trainer
and very special guest Savy Avrimedes Guthrie
Friday January 9, 2015
7:30 Melodies’ Cafe
2 East Lacaster Avenue
Ardmore, PA
8 PM
Photos courtesy of Kettle Pot Tracks, setlist&photos from Jim Trainer’s performance at Melodies in June

Waiting for the Lightning

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I was so young and wet
love hadn’t left me yet
Stood out in the dark fields of the republic
waiting for the lightning

Her black hair would turn blonde in the spring
we climbed the hill and I gave her my ring
High on atop the town and everything
we waited for the lightning

dark clouds they gather deep
rain pocks the dusty ground
but no flash, no spark, no heat
just thunder through the old house
in a low, rumbling sound

What will be will be
what will haunt will haunt
Heron hang their heads in the pond
they know better than to wait for the lightning

When the sun hung high and white up there
was not rain streaking in her hair
There was no rain no lightning there
beneath the willow

just thunder through the old house
in a low, rumbling sound

Lifetimes and miles away
came the news one day
From the storm she and our daughter stowed away
as lightning cracked the willow

(c) 2010 Jim Trainer

To download this song and view Jim Trainer’s On The Hill session, click here.


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I can tell, just one look in your eye
that it’s time
We may have spent our nights in hell
but it’s time
Here’s to all your love it got us nowhere
Here’s to hoping you’ll meet us when you get there
For that woman I would die
for that woman I would not live
You, my friend, through all the lies,
it is for you I wanna’ give
The bags are packed the sun is up there
gonna’ get to that place someday, somewhere

Roll the dice, walk the line
kiss it all goodbye

We’ll get there if we have to march
on a road of bones

Time’s gone by and nothing’s changed
and this feeling’s only grown
For my sins how much should I atone?
This town’s been dead since we were born


One From the Heart-Bev Haven

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Punk’s not dead, it just sucks now.
-Grafitti in the Men’s Room at the 9:30 Club, Washington D.C.

Punk IS dead but, whaddiyagonnado? Rock&Roll can never die and this cut from my OG Homeboy is phenomenal. Check it:
And I could crush you to dust
with the thrust of my arms
through the void of your loss
Yeah, it’s that good. Last time I was in Philly, Bev Haven gave me a copy of “The Mysticism of Sound&Music-The Sufi Teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan” but the best part was his inscription:

Let this jam be a salve to your blue&bruised heart throughout the Loveless Winter in America.  And come out to Melodies Cafe in Ardmore next week to see me, Bev Haven and an all-star lineup perform.


Acoustic Stateshow
an evening of Singer-Songwriters
Jim Trainer
Bev Haven
Mark Thousands
Saturday December 14, 2013
at Melodie’s Cafe
2 E Lancaster Ave.
Ardmore, PA 19003

For more information visit the events page on Facebook.



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CONTACT: Jim Trainer: 512-203-6288, jamesmichaeltrainer@gmail.com

Austin Poet and Singer/Songwriter Jim Trainer Reads From His Full Length Poetry Collection

I don’t know why
between trouble&the Blues
we’re expected to function this way
some small window
some real gamble
we may have
day in the sun
we may ride high
some fearless Nights
we will have to come back down
we will have to hash it out
between trouble&the Blues.

-from between trouble&the Blues by Jim Trainer

June 10, 2013, Philadelphia, PA: Jim Trainer will read from his debut poetry collection, Farewell to Armor, on June 27, 2013, at Mugshots (
1925 Fairmount Avenue
 19130). The reading will also feature American Book Award winning poet Lamont Steptoe and visual artist, singer/songwriter and poet Bevan McShea (Pheonix Veil).

Jim Trainer is a communicator. Growing up in the hardcore punk scene of the early ’90s taught him everything he needed to know about real work. Trainer put in the work, playing a vivid mix of blues/folk music around venues up and down the east coast, across the country, and many, many Philadelphia bars, house concerts, and coffee shops. It gained him a following, becoming known for his intense style that rode the artistic fine balance of romantic longing and unexpected social commentary. Trainer also read his poetry out extensively, and one of the readings led to his first full-length poetry book, Farewell to Armor, published by local press WragsInk.

Trainer took inspiration from a Bukowski biography, learning that the great poet didn’t start writing until he was 35. That’s when he really got serious about getting the words down, on a President XII manual typewriter he bought for $17. “I devoted myself to the simple line,” says Trainer, who now resides in Austin, Texas, and plays a regular rotation of music and poetry there. “I remember mornings coming off a graveyard shift, just beat-to-hell tired, pulling into the Shell, getting a quart of beer and heading home where I’d type and drink into the 8-9-10 a.m. hours. Looking back, I think I was forging a new language for myself. I had to get those lines down simple, and quick, because I was working three jobs. It was my only release. Writing has always been a means of survival for me.”

He’s carried the torch for independent media, broadcasting as one of the early voices of Radio Volta 88.1FM while writing for the Philadelphia IMC’s wire in the early ’00s. He currently serves as contributor, editor and curator of Going For The Throat, a semi-daily publication of cynicism, outrage, correspondence and romance.

Philadelphia artist and musician Bevan McShea has been writing poems since childhood. He began performing spoken word poetry as Lightborn after the international success of two underground hip hop albums. Freestyle and a capella versions of the songs live on stage became more appealing than the lyrics over beats, due to the focus on the subject matter, and after a successful feature role at NuYorican Poets Cafe,  Bevan shifted his writing style to fit the spoken word format.

Lamont Steptoe is a poet, activist, Vietnam Veteran, photographer and founder/publisher of Whirlwind Press. He is the author of ten books of poetry. He was awarded the Life-time Achievement Award by the Kuntu Writers Workshop from the University of Pittsburgh in 2002, a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Literary Fellowship in 1996 and has been twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Steptoe was awarded the American Book Award in 2005. In 2004, rapper Mos Def, opened the Def Poetry Jam program on HBO with a poem from Mad Minute. He has collaborated with Sonia Sanchez, Allen Ginsburg, Ishmael Reed, Margaret Walker Alexander, and Sam Allen.

Promotional copies and book samples available upon request. For more information about the reading, or Farewell to Armor, please contact Jim Trainer: 512-203-6288, jamesmichaeltrainer@gmail.com


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Singer-Songwriter Jim Trainer Featured On Today’s On The Hill Series

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Greetings Punkrockers.  Please allow me to fill you in on the many projects we have cooking down here at the office.

-I’m the featured performer of Kettle Pot Tracks’ On The Hill Series today.  Please click to tune in for an interview and a live-to-tape performance  of a song of mine called Oh, Angelina.
Swamp EP will celebrate its two-year anniversary with its digital release in May.  Additional artwork and some previously unreleased tracks will be available with purchase.
Farewell to Armor, my debut full-length collection of poetry will be available at select Starbucks locations in the Philadelphia area.
I’ll be doing another reading w/the incredible Lacey Roop in the Spring.  Look for some press coming downwire about the book and the EP.  Need a copy of the book?  Please drop me a line at:  jamesmichaeltrainer@gmail.com
-After almost four years in this town I’ve landed a gig.  The last Thursday of every month I’ll be performing at the super cool&intimate House Wine, from 7-10pm.

My gig as a music critic has prompted me to write about music that I truly love.  I think I’ll call it One From The Heart and give you 300-450 words about albums that have enhanced my life.  Albums that never fail to take me on their journey.  Albums I use for church and therapy.  Old time religion, rock&roll.

We’re all buzzing down here at the Office trying to get these projects off to you w/o a hitch.  Also, I am changing my life and finally completing my certification to teach Yoga this Spring.  Big change, soon come.

Be well.



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…lame duck Congressional decision whether to extend Unemployment Benefits…Yoga, smoking, why after more than two weeks of dragging it around I wake up today firing on all four cylinders…

On September 1st of this year I was laid off from my bartending job at the Whip In.  I was awarded Unemployment Compensation, just enough to pay my bills and nothing else.  I immediately got to work. 

I started building the promotions machinery for my music:  twitter, Facebook.  I set up a recording session with my friend Slim Bawb out at the Swamp, his studio in Cedar Creek.  I started attending shows and talking with other musicians.  I found out where they were playing and attended their shows with fliers in hand for mine.  I talked with venue owners, club owners.  I started looking into booking out-of-town gigs.

I got to work on the writing too.  I submitted my poetry for publication.  I contacted old zines who I used to write for, I contacted new ones to see if I could write for them.  I wrote a short story late one night, beer drunk.  I started about three other short stories that may never see the light of day.  I contacted friends of mine who were writers and poets

I looked into getting my website up to speed.  I want it to encompass all my endeavors from journalism, poetry, fiction and writing to my music, shows, tracks and appearances.  I talked with photographers about doing some photo shoots for the site.

Slowly but surely I am piecing enough work together to sustain me.  Congress has until November 30th to extend unemployment benefits.  I am hoping to have enough work together that ideally I won’t have to sign on to a job permanently or permanently full-time. 

I feel like a goddamn fool.  And it’s scary as hell out here.  I have a new friend and her name is Havilah.  She too is a singer/songwriter and has been practicing Yoga for many years.  She took me to my first class in over a decade.  She’s helping me realize that you’ve got to turn your mind off.  And don’t I know it.  Action is beyond thought.  Action is its own means and its own ends.  I need to get on a regimen with this.  Get back in touch with my body while I still have a chance to get healthy.

The old me likes to smoke many many cigarettes and get pensive about things.  Some underachiever/overachiever part of me thinks that in order for something to happen it must be at the forefront of all thought, all action, in order for it to be achieved.  This is a fallacy.  You just need to determine what it is, meditate on that and…ta-da! Let it Go.  For real.  Clutching onto something so tightly will not bring your dreams any closer.  In fact the opposite is true. 

So…Yoga.  Thinking about cutting down on smoking.  Meditation.  Action.  And enough freelance work to make it through the month.  External stability may not be achieved.  Inner stability is paramount.  I’ll keep you posted.