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“My comrades in arms, I bid you farewell.”

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Honored to have some parting words featured, for what could be Psalmships’ last release, at psalmships.com.  Psalmships is songwriter Josh Britton, often solitary and sometimes accompanied by a cadre of low lonesome instrumentalists, moaners and crooners-including: Mike SloMo Brenner, guitarist and singers Brad Hinton, David Janes and Mike Batchelor,  bassist Phil D’Agostino, drummer Daniel Harvie,  Emily Shick Bolles, Kevin Killen and the haunting howls of Liz Fullerton and Chelsea Sue Allen.

Self credited ghost folk, Psalmships’ catalog is a sprawling song of longing and heartache.  Picking up where The Sweetheart Parade left off in 2009, Britton fell deeper and deeper, through valleys and heather, tracking beast and bird through the frontier, and came through with an empty Cathedral Blues, the soundtrack of freezing in the summer and burning throughout the winter.

“Obvious+Unafraid” is Psalmships 8th self-released work and eleventh overall.  These are the lights phantoming on the fringe, ever receeding and coldly burning, the limits that break our hearts open so that we may be vast and only.

Order “Obvious+Unafraid” here,  and pay for it what you will.


Waiting for the Lightning

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Jim Trainer — Waiting for the Lightning from Michael Batchelor on Vimeo.

I was so young and wet
love hadn’t left me yet
Stood out in the dark fields of the republic
waiting for the lightning

Her black hair would turn blonde in the spring
we climbed the hill and I gave her my ring
High on atop the town and everything
we waited for the lightning

dark clouds they gather deep
rain pocks the dusty ground
but no flash, no spark, no heat
just thunder through the old house
in a low, rumbling sound

What will be will be
what will haunt will haunt
Heron hang their heads in the pond
they know better than to wait for the lightning

When the sun hung high and white up there
was not rain streaking in her hair
There was no rain no lightning there
beneath the willow

just thunder through the old house
in a low, rumbling sound

Lifetimes and miles away
came the news one day
From the storm she and our daughter stowed away
as lightning cracked the willow

(c) 2010 Jim Trainer