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Shrieks of Paradise, Correspondence&Rails#21: Fun Fun Fun Fest 2009

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1500 North Street#A
Austin, TX 78756


Heather Shofner, Jackson Ellis
Editors, Verbicide Magazine

Fun Fun Fun…won’t get fooled again…contact for bands and performers…PR contacts…Advice


Compared to Austin City Limits (ACL) and South By Southwest (SXSW), this one should be a blast.  ACL blew through town weekend before last.  Austin may boast itself as the live music capital of the world but this once homegrown concert series featured headliners Ben Harper and Pearl Jam.  Plus, fans had to deal with something called “dillo dirt”–a
combination of compost and treated sewage used as fertilizer for the fresh laid grass in Zilker Park, and the incessant rain we been under since the summer broke.  But what would a music festival be without over-hyped bands and mud?  Let’s not forget the port-o-potty situation either.

The horrors of ACL are nothing compared to the notorious South by Southwest Music Conference, which of course I’ll be pitching to you shortly.  To prime you, imagine a music festival as big as SXSW; featuring on average of over 1,800 bands for two warm&crazy weeks in March.  Now adjust yourself to the reality that although SXSW is hosted by a city with over 200 venues and an estimated 1,990 musicians, it is not kind or supportive to any of them.  Maybe it’ll make more sense when you discover that sponsors of SXSW include PepsiCo and Miller Lite.  If it doesn’t make sense and your as non-plussed as me then perhaps you’ll understand that the fuck-ton  of traffic that descends on this already small&congested town like a  nightmare hipster-parade is not okay even if some out of town band gets signed.

I would hope that a music festival created by those in “the scene”such as Fun Fun Fun Fest wouldn’t try to insult me with something as mundane as Ben Harper for $145.   I’d like to catch some sets from some great independent bands and see what these punkers
can do with a music festival.

Rest assured that between Cayte and me you will have a story on your hands.  


Your Writer,
Jim Trainer
Austin, TX
FFF 2009

ACL WRAPUP: Jimbo’s Big Weekend

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Going for the Throat

well ACL’s been done but I drank a shit ton so I’m just catchin up now bros  sorry. but I wasn’t drunk at the festival I was drunk at home LOL!  I saw some awesome bands and buds tho.out on the greenbelt  how sweet is it if yr day started out like this right:

then .  after I went to the beer store it was sick I was pounding THIS:

then I saw my bro he was like:

by then I was completely wasted .but I stuck around for T.V. On Arcade Fire who fuckin ruled it bro .man they were killahhhhhh:

ok.just picture the singer bein like  “and I told YOU YOU DON’T GO OUT WIThOUT ME!  NO NO! YOU BITCH!!!!!!NOOOOOOOOOOO!”

and he throws this fucking TV right?  right off the porch.
killer. freals yo.

and that was only SATURDAY bitches.  word.

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