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Hangdown Town

In Uncategorized on July 10, 2013 at 2:35 pm

there’s no safe way to open the door to a house of cards
it’s but bringing the house down, the inside out, so that the heart is out
in the wide open

joker laughing and splitting down the deck, wiping a colorful hand down a syrupy smile
Queen of Cups stanchioned still, on the precipice of the eroding shore, her love ain’t changed a bit
and it won’t take a key, won’t take a sword

out on the streets it’s quet now, what’s done is done and it’s happened now
a “Christian jihad” with unmarked black towncars
sitting in the hot sun
waiting to put the cuffs on
to your
no refusal weekend

my heroes are probably laughing
up in heaven now
flanked by pride
and sitting
on the fat purse of history
time will always be the enemy
for those of us down here on Earth
in Hell
in Egypt
and in the States.
their truth is flung like arrows now
and we’re punctured before
we can reach the scoreboard

heavy night’ll come
it always does
the way a snake moves it’s body but
molts the

I hereby stand
leaning into
my old friend Trouble
remembering her proud armies
as they marched down and I
sat drinking in the dark
at the Chili Parlor Bar
drinking Mad Dog margaritas and not caring where you are…
glad to be disabused of safety
open always and all night
to chaos
&apathy like
a blue bucket of shit poured
down on me from the window
where I
type this and wipe
a colorful hand down
a syrupy smile
she won’t smile
but sits

it won’t take a key
won’t take a sword
I’m at her feet again
gently annihilated
by mercy
as the black tides
roll out
in Hangdown Town.

Hangdown Town