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I keep a # by your name
it gets smaller every day
feeling like Kevin James
“glad I left L.A.”
my days are coffee, nicotine
the purple off a grackle wing
I covet your death
&pass the hours
burning hearts
out of
playing cards
I got a witchy woman
lives out in Telluride
she keeps your photo framed
in a wreath of smoke&knives
gonna take it to the streets
and sink into the dusk
with a pair of black shades
and a bulletproof flask
I keep a # by your name
it gets smaller every day


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contests have nothing to do with poetry
and confessional poetry is a very hard dollar
great poetry is born of great consequence
but often comes to none
Hank said great poetry’s got blood in it
so tell me, who bleeds on command?
your praise has been encouraging
and I appreciate it
it’s good to know you’re out there
while I panhandle the muse
suffer 30 deadlines
and blow smoke in the face
of the inner critic.

Curator at Going For the Throat, columnist for Into The Void, progenitor of stand-up tragedy™. Jim Trainer publishes a collection of poetry every year through Yellow Lark Press. To sign up for Jim Trainer’s Poem Of The Week, visit jimtrainer.net.
BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE 30 FOR 30 CHALLENGE, along with 6 other poems and an essay written in tribute to Charles Bukowski, are available in the latest issue of The Schuylkill Valley Journal.

untitled poem found in a warehouse

In Jim McShea on February 19, 2011 at 10:52 pm

Fear not the aching dividedness,
the collision of the Kings and Queens,
the shimmer of the seasons shooting by.

by Jim McShea