Jim Trainer


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After my first yoga class I felt comfortable in my own skin. It was a feeling that had eluded me for over 20 years. I achieved my 200-hour RYA certification under the guidance of Gioconda Parker in 2012. I taught privately, and in corporate environments throughout the city, and was happy to maintain an ancillary yoga-teaching career and daily practice. But now I am called back to Yoga as I was called to it in that first class.

Familiar mental health challenges, and physical health concerns of middle age, are prompting me to lead a more mindful and spiritual life. The spiritual practice of Yoga is in fact physical. The goal of Yoga, despite its external appearance and fashion in the western world, is to be able to sit in meditation.

I’m happy to offer classes led on a monthly-membership level. Membership includes the option for day or evening classes, discounted one-on-one sessions, access to the virtual class library, newsletters, check-ins and invites to Yoga-related events.

These are all-levels classes focusing on the basic building blocks and poses of a Yoga flow, and your breath.

Click to enroll, fill out this form for more information and reach out to me anytime.

Join us.


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