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After my first yoga class I felt comfortable in my own skin. It was a feeling that had eluded me for over 20 years. Through the practice of Yoga, I soon began to take root in an otherwise unsettled and restless life. I found sobriety through the practice, and discovered that alcohol and substance abuse were a symptom of mental health issues I’d been suffering with since the age of 15.

I achieved my 200-hour RYA certification under the guidance of Gioconda Parker in 2012. I taught privately, and in corporate environments throughout the city, and was happy to maintain an ancillary yoga-teaching career and daily practice. But now I am called back to Yoga as I was called to it in that first class. Familiar mental health challenges, and physical health concerns of middle age, are prompting me to lead a more mindful and spiritual life. I have been pleased to again discover that the spiritual practice of Yoga is in fact physical. The goal of Yoga, despite its external appearance and fashion in the western world, is to be able to sit in meditation.

I am happy to now offer a 6-week introduction to Yoga and breath. This series is for anyone seeking the restful state and focused mind that can be achieved through the practice of Yoga. After completing this program practitioners will have a simple daily practice that can be taken anywhere—and that can serve as a port and refuge to get centered and calm.

Jim Trainer will offer a 6-week Beginner Yoga Workshop, starting on Monday, January 23. To enroll, fill out this form.

  1. Bravo!! Happy to hear you are bringing this idea to fruition. May you attract numerous students and share your wisdom and compassion with them. ❤️🙏Donna

  2. Weird! I tried to post a laudatory comment and was told it was a duplicate! 

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  3. Thanks Mama! Got ’em both, obviously. Talk soon, love you.

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