Jim Trainer


In Uncategorized on April 12, 2022 at 12:59 pm

the heart retches
at the walls of my chest
the plain streets wedge in
with their hard-yellow light

the nights are a closure
and I’m cool in my seclusion
but the lie has ingrown and
to its idea, the body 
is dragged along

you told me that love was just 
peace with the unforgivable
but that was cities ago
and now I try and 
untrain the mark
keep the fool’s toil,
my beat on the long room

I’ve a ruin and I covet it
an annihilation that sure 
as I stand here will

all that could’ve been
send it wide and heaving
to tumble in the canyon
its bones thrust up
from the wreck of itself
to roil in the roan-dog sky

THE MARK is my 12th poem of 30 written for National Poetry Month.

The Editor informs me that if f I get 600 views on “See You in Ten, Will” he’ll throw me some cheddar. Help a brother out and read what mainstream culture should mean to us, which is absolutely nothing.

The Honda passed inspection.  Rather than wait for a motor mount they drilled right into the old one.  My bills are paid and I’m broke.  But I’ve got fish in the fridge and a lunch date with the lovely Ms. V on Wednesday.  It’s a good life.  The fear keeps you lean and the work means you’re available for whatever storm or favor the gods have in store for you.

Please support me on Patreon.  What’s coming for the working poor in this country needs to be reported on and you know goddamn well I’m your man.

Your Freelancer,
Jim Trainer


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