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What has become of the green pleasant fields of Jerusalem?
Twentieth Century Man, The Kinks

I don’t care about these “jokes” being offensive. They’re just not funny. They’re not clever. There’s a reason he never made it anywhere as a comedian. He is not funny and he is not smart. He is, however, very good at capitalizing off of dumb people. For that I applaud him.
—EastSideFishMurder on Twitter

Luckily, the University of Vermont has begun an incentive program to encourage New England farmers to delay their second cutting, so the birds have enough time to breed and raise their young.
—Didi Jackson

I’m happy to announce that STRIDE, my 7th full-length collection of poetry will be released this year through Yellow Lark Press.  Supporters at the $10 level on Patreon will receive a copy of the collection, signed and acknowledged and absolutely free.  I’m thrilled to be able to offer supporters at any level what will become exclusive content.  

The amount of work I come across from poets involved in academia is staggering.  Most of them are teachers.  They’ve had books published and their collections benefit from the push of publishers.  I write poetry.  I’m not enmeshed in the Higher-Learning Industrial Complex. I don’t teach.  I won’t have to because I’ve got you.  My 7th collection of poetry will be out before year’s end.  Stay tuned for its news and announcement.  I need to step away from Going For the Throat.  This much craziness is too much pain.  I need to concentrate on getting my health in order and rather than impede the total access I’ve proudly always offered you, I’ve decided to just put it down.  You came for The Real and if I’m not in a place to deliver then I won’t.  I’d rather not say anything if I can’t offer anything crucial, or of import.  I’ve little to report these days because I’m coming down off a decade of outrage, and the anger is no bueno for your Writer right now.  This isn’t bad news.  

The bad news is that the channels are clogged with pseudo-science and amateur punditry.  I no longer wish to be part of the discourse and let’s be honest these terms are incredibly generous.  What’s happening in the world isn’t political.  What the fascists are offering isn’t an argument.  I’m not arguing.  I’m mad but I can’t afford to be.  With your help I’ll figure that out but in the meantime I’m through yelling at folks who are never going to listen.  I know it was never about them, it was about us, but between debilitation from illness and crushing hopelessness, I’m at a loss.  My weekly posts have become a diary, and when I see the unending stream of petty and self-involved concern that is social media I don’t want to add to it.  The bad news is it’s the end of the world and the public at large won’t include my voice throwing it down and cutting up through the fray.  

I’d like to invite you over the paywall in the meantime, and to join me on Patreon for exclusive products, performances and content—including posts from your Writer that would’ve normally appeared on the pages of Going For the Throat, were the discourse not completely sunk and my well-being not at stake.  Patrons contributing at the $10 level will get a copy of STRIDE, signed and acknowledged, in 2021 and I’m happy to offer supporters at any level what will be exclusive content during this respite.  

See you on the other side, motherfucker. 


But it’s written in the starlight
and every line in your palm
We are fools to make war
on our brothers in arms
—Dire Straits


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  1. I am glad you are making your health a priority and that you see the correlation between your well-being and releasing the anger. Thinking of you always.

  2. […] at prescribing my own artist’s code. These have been the dark thoughts that have prompted my reprieve from posting every week, and now even from this column.  But without the Work I am nothing.  I haven’t been […]

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