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KEEP READING, A Virtual Release

In Uncategorized on February 12, 2021 at 12:12 am

A winter storm warning remains in effect until midnight in Central Texas. It’s cold at the Office and I’m rip-torn from being up all night. 5 readers from across the world will be with us at the Virtual Release tomorrow. And I hope you’ll join us. Posts chronicling real love at world’s end, wrecked cars and heroes will be featured, and I’ll be saying some words of thanks. I’m not a silver-lining kind of guy. Things didn’t have to get so dark out there for me to realize my love for you. Truth is the worst and best are neck and neck which is why tomorrow’s always precious. Hang in for a turn and things’ll come around. Ride high too long and you’re bound to fall. Tomorrow changes everything. I’m surrounded by the best, and your kindness and enthusiasm are never in short supply. Readers and thinkers, mothers and lovers. Homies and witches and compatriot writers. I know you all and I know you’re at the ready and when I say Go we’re on our way ain’t we. I don’t need an ice storm to appreciate the gas heat. I don’t need a corporate state run by bureaucratic death-fetishists to know that you’re the real thing. You’ve kept me alive this long and now let’s live awhile. Even as the Earth shakes loose her children and terrorism and ignorance are celebrated. We can laugh. We can fight the bastards and still enjoy each other. The ruin and the calamitous sway won’t take you from me and anyway I’m gonna hold you tight. If that’s alright. Look in your eyes and sit in lamplit rooms with you, sipping hot tea as the cold wind blows.


Join Jim Trainer, and a stellar cast of luminaries, writers and musicians from around the world, in celebrating the release of 

10 Years At Going For The Throat

KEEP READING, A Virtual Release 
The Lunar New Year 
February 12 2021
at 7P.M.

  1. Love this post! So evocative, cozy, passionate, and grateful. Hope the storm passes lightly. And here’s another beautiful thing: thanks to online venues, neither weather, pandemics, nor long distance prevent us all from getting together to celebrate the publishing of your anthology and hearing from your reader/writers!

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