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Stop treating us like animals..2but my mind cuts through it all
Like a wrecking ball
-Gillian Welch

The long arc of history better fucking bend toward justice.
Lisa Konigsburg

I’m a misanthrope but also I’m depressed.
-Your Writer

They were like “We’re on your side and we believe in what you’re doing and what you’re  fighting for.”
Amisha Harding on doing the Macarena with the National Guard

Austin is a really cool place for people that are not aware of the injustices occurring in the world.
Chas Moore, Founder
The Austin Justice Coalition

Stop treating us like animals and thugs, start treating us with some respect.
-Mike O’Meara, President
New York Association of Police Benevolent Associations

There’s blood on the streets,
the streets are ours…

-The Blitz


I can’t tell you anything man.  Not what you know already and certainly not what you don’t.  The proof is on film.  It’s indisputable.  Medics and pregnant women shot.  Non-protesting citizens maced.  Innocents swung on with skull cracking batons and the rest ran right over with horses.  It’s got me sick.  Anyone reading this column too I reckon and anyway who hasn’t trusted the Police or USGOV since their first rude awakening to the de rigueur brutality and death culture of The America.  Deniers humanize cops but it’s their only trick in the stack.  Similarly they dehumanize victims and frame this as a fight between criminals and citizens.  The fight isn’t against cops but the cops are in our way.  Who they’re serving and protecting is who we’re up against and they forfeited their humanity when they put the badge above it.  Point is this is a war between the rich and poor.  Country simple, black and white.  Facts.  Black Americans are 2.5 times more likely to be killed by the police than whites while their median income is 20% less (according to the US Census).

The last thing I’d want is to get into a war of words or contest of research, especially if you’ve already made up your mind.   I don’t anticipate any of that from my cherished Readership.  For what it’s worth my record stands as staunchly anti-authoritarian and pro-working class. Sides are drawn and this is a good fight.  I haven’t felt more alive or inclined to take to the streets since marching in Philly for Mumia in ’98.  There’s a cynicism that happens to idealists, Oscar Wilde said it better, but I’ve had the option to hide out and make my way in the underground.  Truth is I owe it all to my heroes for showing me the way and to all of you when I got there.  I’m still getting there.  Personal journalism was my way of crassly staying on brand but also writing here and at Into The Void was and still is my refuge.  Even now, choppers still circling overhead, them banging out some millionaire’s new construction next door, some other millionaire’s kids whining from their jungle gym on the other side and having to throw this Dell on the desk, jump up and just make it to the john to piss blood out my ass–writing is how I’m dealing.

My worries are real but few.  I’m fed.  I’ve walls and a bed.  Truth is I’m living down a decades-old trauma, far from recovering though I do make strides.  I’m doing what you do if you can do it–you take your lumps and your savings, take the pay they’re giving and make home, play nice and insulate yourself as much as you humanly can from the people and culture of this country.  They’ve got us fighting them and I don’t mind.  I never cared for bullies.  Truth is our anger is needed elsewhere so I don’t waste too much time on those crackers and uniform fetishists anyway.  I commit personal journalism because it needs to be told at the street level.  I like it in the underground, it’s quiet mostly, but lately living this way has only got me sick.  Maybe I’ve lost you, maybe this post isn’t anything but whiteboy complaint and, so–before I get back to work on the day gig I’d like to go on the record saying I never liked cops.  I never will and I never realized how much the USGOV did for me until it didn’t.  Let’s be clear this is a 20-year old problem and we all know who we are and what we’re doing here.  Sides have been drawn and I’m glad.  It’s never been clearer.  They make me sick and y’all make me so proudSee you on the streets motherfucker.



  1. Writing is the best revenge!

    One correction: this is more than a 20-year problem. We were calling them pigs back in the 60s, when we were demonstrating against the War in Vietnam, and for civil rights. We’re talking over 50 years — at least.

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