Jim Trainer

Shrieks of Paradise, Correspondence&Rails#58: Dear Reb

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President XII Tower at the Hewitt Lake Club, 2013

Hewitt Lake Club
Minerva, NY

Between Effort&Ease
Hippie Town, USA


Dear Reb-

After 3 18-hour days, we arrived in Minerva NY.  My heart was filled with something not unlike hatred, but more like self-preservation.  Being at the beck&call of another being for 18 hours a day (including 8 in the small quarters of a 15-seat Ford Econoline), has left me none for me and on my dayoff, peppered by the client’s jokes & too many beers, I disengage any way I can.  It is a shame and it is sad.  My sleep is broken by nightmare-dreams, it seems that all my loves are still with me.  And alcoholism, too.

But My brothers to the left, they are telling me things and I am listening.  There are 3 of them, and the wind through their tops is a good enough reason to go on with this version of death we call life.  I poked 3 holes in the screenporch where I now sit writing this.  It involved Vodka and spiritual discussion and the aforementioned hatred/self-preservation.  

That was last night.  Now, Jill ( Blair’s mother, 83) and Dakota (good dog) are with us.  We drink cold Yuengling Lagers and listen to the wind through the trees.  I find my mantra; the blues is with us.  You are too.  2 Marlboro Reds and 10 days before I head back into it, this War I call my life.

Minerva, NY




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