Jim Trainer

Shrieks of Paradise, Correspondence&Rails#37: From Brother Heath

In Uncategorized on October 13, 2019 at 4:52 pm

I’ve been feelin a bit down too but, my GOD!, how can you possibly even entertain the idea of a life lived in vain?? Let me clarlify something right now: you have led a life that is the antithesis of anything remotely vain!! And I’m not just fuckin saying that! I was also surprised to hear you say you don’t really care about the world when you’re one of its most True and honest shapers. You’re a brilliant writer, creative genius, etc. Of course you’re not gonna feel too close to the useful idiots that schools and societies churn out, LITERALLY, like a fuckin factory!! But just think of all the times you’ve helped them. How many times have you caused them to look at something differently or made their eyes blossom as they realized something very deeply they never would’ve realized if not for you. And don’t worry about the depression. It can give the best of us some serious guff at times but just try to see it as a dark cloud in the sky while you sit back and watch the weather change. An album I had been waiting 13 years to come out recently did and I read the final lyric of the last song on album which was “A tempest must be just that.” I’m assuming that “tempest” is a metaphor for life, here. Ha! And it’s true. A tempest cannot be a kangaroo! Right? It can only be what it is and we can either choose to step up and face it or run and hide like most people. I don’t think I need to ask what kinda person you are.

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