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One From The Heart-Nobody Move

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You Americans, you are all so dramatic.  Everything is like movie with you.

What a ride. Nobody Move may traipse in familiar tropes, with scenes and characters we’ve all probably seen before, but here is L.A. the archetype and a Hollywood of the collective unconscious. Nobody Move tells a timeless tale but masterfully, in a fresh and different way. It references the greats and classics of the genre, but never gets cliche or cute about it, and is not, for one second, tired.

We want the good guy to win and he does. But he doesn’t. We want him to get the girl and he does. But he doesn’t.  Even in all this familiar territory writer Philip Elliot keeps the dialogue fresh and the action sharp—hairpin by hairpin turn. This book should usher in Retro 90s Noir, with gay and transgendered characters and even a vegan police detective and a cop named Bukowski. It’s all in the writing and would be a great read for its brilliant similes alone.

Nobody Move is a straight-through jawn. I read mine from 6 to 11 one night and finished it between 7 and 9 the next morning. Thrilling, page turning and purely entertaining—all while never getting predictable or trite. It’s snappy, with unexpected turns of phrase and all the action you should expect from a book called Nobody Move. Heroes can, and should, find redemption—but, do they have to win? And, worst of all, if they lose do they have to say the things we know they’re going to say? Not if Philip Elliot has anything to do with it.

The writing is what keeps Nobody Move from merely being a retro hit piece that’s all too popular these days. (Stranger Things this is not). Nor does Elliot make the arrogant mistake of attempting to re-invent the wheel. The evil die as they always do in the fiction of L.A.—in blazes of shootout glory—not because Hollywood told us they do, because we want them to.


Order your copy of Nobody Move here and for more of Philip Elliot’s work, please visit philipelliottfiction.com.
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