Jim Trainer

Hole In My Side

In death, mourning, suicide, Uncategorized on May 25, 2017 at 1:47 pm

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 1.37.36 PM

  1. You know, I think losses in general take on more weight as we get older. Losses like this one, when we see ourselves in it; we know it, these ones tear us open. The way you describe this is so achingly spot on, it gave me a pang to read it. Recognition.
    You’re here. Gaping holes and all. And I’m glad for it.

    • Oh wow. Thank you, Sister. You always know what to say. Yes, I think so. Either we’re doing the work and “softening this old armor” or we’re closer to it ourselves. We should continue to feel more and contain so much that we’ll let out a tear to make room for the pain and love in our heart.

  2. I’ve never deal with death well. My high school guidance counselor? a blubbering mess. My dad? Useless for weeks. Life partner? Inconsolable for a year. There is no right way to mourn. There is no way to know who will affect you more. Everyone serves a different role in our lives and losing them leaves us wondering how we will ever be the same.

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