Jim Trainer


In on tour, poem, Poetry, TOUR, Uncategorized on May 26, 2016 at 10:18 pm

haha fat fucking chance
construction crews in Toronto
wouldn’t get
a skinny penny from me
even if our rig bent their mirror
all the way back.
another city, another room
another cold backstage area
with just cheese&lunchmeat
sandwiches or
American beer.
we roared down
the dirty road and I
NEVER saw a more beautiful creature than Tamara
at a bus stop in Vancouver
in the fall.
we couldn’t get out of the Midwest
fast enough and we probably would’ve paid to
we tore up the coast
5 from Orangevale
and down the orange groves
we weren’t impressed with L.A.
left there
Portland was a wet bummer
Seattle fared better.
I was living on Gauloises and
we were hauling
a 30’ RV and pulling
a single axel trailer
I was young&stubborn
out on the road
with the boys
a tourdriver.

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