Jim Trainer


In poem, Poetry, Uncategorized on May 17, 2016 at 10:12 pm

And I think it will be a Sunday because today
When I took out this paper and began to write
Never before had anything looked so blank
-Variations on a Text by Vallejo, Donald Justice

never before or after
why does this fearless original moment
seem contrived and by rote?
I have stood in dusk before
love has unwinded like wildflowers in the garden
who spun all summer long till they were gone
bulbs banged into powder
and I have sank like a fossil
when her true face rose and shone
I was emptying my pockets into an ashtray
on the smoking car of a moving train
bravery is not what’s needed now
41 years shot through price and prize
wringing out the marrow of elation and fear
peacebringers carry their zen
in perfectly precarious lanterns
and they pass on through the garden
I don’t need their cause or shelter
I’m practically useless waiting
for my love to catch and flare, up the sky
just so I can see it burning.


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