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The Pale-Bellied Mourner

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From National Poetry Month 2014 by Maureen Ferguson

Going for the Throat

The Pale-Bellied Mourner is a bird. It’s latin name is, Rhytipterna immunda. Immunda means dirty/unclean. It’s just this grey, dirty-looking bird that no one really cares about, but has a pretty song. Anyway, I read about these little guys and I just liked them, so I wrote this in my diary.xo

The Pale-Bellied Mourner

Goes greatly unnoticed
to the unseasoned eye
Dull grey, yellowed
like a paperback
you read too many times while chain smoking
Goes greatly unnoticed
to the amatuer eye
But, see these are the things I know how to find.

by Maureen Ferguson


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