Jim Trainer


In Jim Trainer, National Poetry Month, Philadelphia, poem, Poetry, THIRTY FOR THIRTY CHALLENGE on April 23, 2015 at 6:45 pm


at the height of its roar
that place was like a railroad car
the joint was small, and it shook
in the night,
it rattled the neon
there was
“gin and catatonics”
street poetry&sex
in the ladies’ room
the owners were always
climbing the stairs
threatening Colleen,
if we couldn’t behave
they would shut it right down
which of course we couldn’t
so they did.
I read there, did spoken word
every Sunday night
I was paid in whisky
it was a time and a place
wild, unhinged, idyllic days
at the end of the century.
now it’s called Fiume,
and I hear it’s full of Penn kids
most nights

from All in the wind

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