Jim Trainer


In Broken Heart, Jim Trainer, National Poetry Month, poem, Poetry on April 15, 2015 at 3:25 pm

I was slogging through the wet months
salty, cashed, despondent, blue
I wore out all my friends
probably took years off my life
I really regretted not believing in God
it was a hard, hard time
getting over her
I’m not even sure it was her I was getting over
but that maybe I had some catching up to do
I’d been loving on the run for over a decade
when I met her
I was a player, a night mover, a Don Juan
when she broke it off with me
it was like a an avalanche of faces
a parade of attrition
I had to say goodbye, really say goodbye
to all the women I laid with
I had to look back at the years
&ruefully account for all those
young&open hearts
all the love I threw away and wasted
when I thought I was a man.

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