Jim Trainer


In Being A Poet, Jim Trainer, National Poetry Month, poem, Poetry on April 9, 2015 at 11:57 pm

thanks for your letter
you couldn’t be more right
about them, this town and their
so I’m leaving but
I’m not coming to CA
you know you’ve got 20 years on me
and I know you’ll figure it out

I’m tired of the feast, tired of the party
tired of the masks of the characters
and how they all sleep around
tired of the drink and the smoke
tired of the distraction from things that matter
and the devotion to things that don’t

when you find your protest actually
did you in
and all the dealer cuts you is an
empty grin
when you come down from the hills
with just the clothes you have on
and they’ve robbed you even of

meet me in Metarie and
we’ll take the new city
you’ll love me, I know you can

you can take your refuge in me
in New Orleans darling
la ville mes amis


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