Jim Trainer


In Being A Poet, Being A Writer, Jim Trainer, National Poetry Month, poem, Poetry, Submitting, Writing, WRITING PROCESS on April 3, 2015 at 2:06 pm

lately it’s been irking me,
the voice of nay saying intellectuals
behind locked doors of academia
the inner critic’s talking at me
like the highbrowed editor of some fancy journal
&the geeks rubberneck when they see me
and my verse-checked and dismissed.
my poetry, rough around the edges
and with the most abysmal tropes
I mean, “in love with your death”?
I’m fine with it, my poetry, ok
walking the desert blind
and celebrating like a cannibal
in jungles of self-indulgence.
I pride myself on not being precious, or
pretty, or clever
but in my head they in sweaters
and glasses at the end of their nose say
They peck at me, nag and dismiss my cheap tricks
my jailhouse my junkyard my slang

it’s been my biggest inspiration.


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