Jim Trainer

In Poetry on October 15, 2014 at 3:18 pm

-for Sarah Marshall

she could feel the sunlight paling
knew that all her doctors were wrong
she pulled into the drive and called me
and we talked in cold dusk, like that holding on
“I’m soft as green veins of the houseplants, Charlie”
she said
“the weekend’s are too short but
bliss always is.”
untangled we were edging out
into the dark waters
of our own separate lives
she in the drive
and me up in the high rooms
the Fall cleaving, night growing
old pain getting wise
“your desperation will born you out
and your tiny houselights do shine
call to me across the wasteland,
Just laugh until you cry
cry until you laugh,
Tuesday’s the toughest
but Wednesday’s like Friday
in my mind.”
and that was it, was
all it took
she’d dream sweetly
my nightmares would only
laugh until they cried.

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