Jim Trainer

In Jim Trainer, National Poetry Month on April 28, 2014 at 12:02 am

all the vengeance in the world is just a drop in the cup
when you thirst for your own life to be through

humidity swelling the brain tonight
too many beers and on the walk home
had to plow through so much dumb meat
with no sparks on the street,
in fact the streets curled up and bit
at your feet, so I made fast and
got up here to do this
custodian of the lonely
curator of the dead room
there was a time as a young man
when that climb was like
my burning rungs into the sky
was a young Nietzsche smoking out
the empty bottom of the paladin’s hat
but the victories hang heavy
a skank heart and a shanked reprieve
still on shift, still parsing out
the long slow stab, growing fat
around the wound like flaccid

my loves I gave the red road
and beauty an infinite jewel
I wouldn’t take it back
if I could

but I should’ve gone dark
a long time ago.

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