Jim Trainer

Tsunami Dreams

In National Poetry Month, Salvatore Cerceo on April 16, 2014 at 1:46 pm

Their undying support
Funnel winds rip through
And we keep watch
With words so kind I can’t
Find any connection in my

Tornado watch is high
Terror alerts are at red
And I watched them run
From my arms as usual
On every other Sunday

Over the radio today they
Told us to put a heavy plastic
With duct tape over our windows
It’s true I don’t like him and in turn
He absolutely doesn’t like me

There’s a gun I’ve hidden in the
Floorboards just in case and I’ve
Hidden the bullets separately and I
Ask them to come back and say
Goodbye to me

Crossing the border in some far off
Place the CIA is going to instigate some
Tragedy that we will read about tomorrow
What I said to her today may have confused
Her but I don’t see how just because you date
A woman with kids that makes you a father

Roves of huts burned to make way for oil fields
And cattle farms to feed and support world
Interest and the dollar is at an all time low I
Think the 9 months leading up may have
Something to do with becoming a father

The world has its problems and I have mine
And everyday the two meet either in my heart
Or on the front page and I’m just waiting for
A wave to come and wipe this place out.

by Salvatore Cerceo

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