Jim Trainer

This Fall

In Jim Trainer, National Poetry Month, Poetry on April 14, 2014 at 5:12 pm

just as the shadows crept out
like they could
forget about the sun
we put on our masks
and did the dance
forgetting the heart’s seasons
like it could be summer
true love happened and
it found you out
but you settled
for an escape
in the gold-mining towns
you’ll grow restless
I know
you’ll find how shallow
those sunny pools
of L.A.
can be
and I’ll hold
the sea inside me
I’ll relish the salt and the wind
I’ll keep these roses
I’ll never send
and light a dead altar for the living
for your alarms I’ll hold
a silence
and the chatter will break
around your pretty face
but I won’t be at the party
I won’t
drink alone or
I won’t
put on a new disguise
I’ll take
the old
dusty bright flag
and make a fine sail
wait and want for
no bright desperate flower
in the desert of my love for you.

by Jim Trainer


  1. […] have names, names I’ll never write.  There’s the 4 month lull in late ’13 and I miss her still.  There’s a lull in the terrible summer 2014, and I will hate her for the rest of my […]

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