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The Pale-Bellied Mourner

In National Poetry Month, Poetry on April 11, 2014 at 1:05 pm

The Pale-Bellied Mourner is a bird. It’s latin name is, Rhytipterna immunda. Immunda means dirty/unclean. It’s just this grey, dirty-looking bird that no one really cares about, but has a pretty song. Anyway, I read about these little guys and I just liked them, so I wrote this in my diary.xo

The Pale-Bellied Mourner

Goes greatly unnoticed
to the unseasoned eye
Dull grey, yellowed
like a paperback
you read too many times while chain smoking
Goes greatly unnoticed
to the amatuer eye
But, see these are the things I know how to find.

by Maureen Ferguson


  1. […] The blog is a bust because you’re afraid she’ll read it? You’re Jim Motherfucking Trainer! You’re a bad ass. You wouldn’t edit yourself for anyone! You’re an artist-you take inspiration as it comes, its part of the process. Without sharing, you pretty much have a diary. You’re promoting your work, it’s part of the business. This is your career. You gave her your heart, don’t give her your career. Write. Publish. Blow the fuck up, and she can stay home and smoke pot and pretend she’s Anaïs Nin while you’re out there doing it. -My good friend Red […]

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    From National Poetry Month 2014 by Maureen Ferguson

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