Jim Trainer

Cold Pecan

In D.C. Bloom on April 8, 2014 at 1:49 pm

It was a passionless peck
that Judas Kiss
a cold embrace
a hand on face
& eyes that met
but never meant
than duty called
& decorum allowed
It was a message mixed
that set the wheels
that waxed the seal
& hardly mattered
in tatters of hearts
& minds
over matter
that universe stuff
& mounted on a wall
It was a playbook call
the GOOD end RUN
that went much longer
& felt much stronger
& hurt no one
a game not won
or lost
nor tried
but true to word
& deed of TRUST DENIED
It was meant to be
but never was
a dangersome dalliance
a busted alliance
a broken record
that left no trace
or track
in sands
of time that STILL MOVES ON
but has nowhere
to go

by D.C. Bloom


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