Jim Trainer

made a precious Poet out of me

In Charlie O'Hay, Jim Trainer, National Poetry Month on April 3, 2014 at 9:22 am

he works
like all writers work
but he shares his work
almost daily
and it’s quality.
here I’ve gone all this time
getting by on the advice of Papa
that those that know
don’t show
Brother Charlie-
he’s making ’em know!
Brother Charlie knows
that there’s still some luck&lightning
and there’s no harm
in tinkering with our broke toy hearts
Brother Charlie shows
how to hold on to your tenderness
in a world so roughshod&mean.
he’s took some hard knocks too
and in the only way worthy of respect
the man walks it
jauntily he
takes you down the road with him
like all the greats do-
they don’t tell you what to feel,
they don’t hand you some obtuse or
complicated thing
that you can pretend to understand
in the pages of the New Yorker or
at the salon
and the reading,
christ a room full of poets could very well be
the worst nightmare,
imagine that-
the loud voices
the bad breath
the eyes rhuemy with drink
and the shoes-
Charlie O’Hay knows how important shoes are
and hats
he knows that magic isn’t out there waiting,
that you’ve got to find it wherever you can
and the dirty bars&streets of Philly
are’s good a place as any.

I wouldn’t mind
being at a party with Brother Charlie
he doesn’t strike me
as the kind of guy who would visit
the atrocity of talking about writing
on me
or anyone else.

(Read some of Charlie O’Hay’s wonderful poetry here, here and here.)


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