Jim Trainer

HOLES by Charlie O’Hay

In Charlie O'Hay on April 3, 2014 at 10:09 am


The cops have sunk more holes
than a dozen golf courses
but still, no Jimmy. Not in the yard. Or the field.
Not behind the cannery. Or in the swamp.
Every year there’s a new tip, another old mobster
who says he wants to clear his conscience
from the wilderness of a prison cell, another
wiseguy trying to get right with God.
More shovels. More holes. More reporters.
They’ve found plow blades, glass marbles,
lost keys, license plates, dog bones, cat bones,
but no Jimmy.

It’s become a joke, this roving
surprise party in search of a guest of honor.
At the diner they say,
“If the burger bites back, it’s Jimmy.”

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