Jim Trainer

the love irons

In John Jefferson Duval on April 2, 2014 at 10:59 am

some things are born underneath the surface
while others get covered up over time
waking up i sometimes find myself at the surface
and others buried beneath a familiar, a family liar
family liar is the hungry ghost
eats pain with whiny pastes
hammers the dawn inside the child to stay set
a stick of gum to plug the heart
the gravest gift

who is the you before you ate your parents pain?
who the parents before ignor-reign?

sweet blossoms in the graveyard fall down from the trees that were planted
through the looking glass a glass tear is stuck
where did my hunger go
before i needed to know
before i agreed to the names
before i could screen myself in sane sense
before forging the love irons?

by John Jefferson Duval



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