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Hello ight

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“It’s sheared off.” Steve said. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”
The letter ‘n’ had flown off the President XII one night writing poetry. I rode out to Duncan-Muñoz Office Machines on a hateful day to see if Steve could fix it.
“How much you get this for?” He asked.
“Seventeen dollars.” I touched the carriage with the tip of my finger. “And it’s done me a world of good too. I can’t tell you how many poems I wrote with this typewriter. We ruled it, brother. We conquered.”
Steve lit up a Marlboro Light 100.
“Yeah, well. I’d call it a day hermano. Looks like you got your money’s worth.”
“Nah,” I said. “I’ll keep her. I just won’t write anything with the letter ‘n’ anymore.”
Me and Steve laughed.
I loaded the President XII into the Kia in the cold. I looked down at the machine as I drove.
“You are a beautiful machine.” I told it. “You helped me make a masterpiece of my pain and for this I thank you. You are my friend.”
The sun was setting on Braker and the night was coming down.
“Hello Night,” I said to the enemy. “Let’s get this over with.”


  1. I want to know more…..where did you take her?
    Did you put her out of her misery? (or maybe it would be your misery without her)
    “You helped me make a masterpiece of my pain. And for this I thank you. You are my friend”-
    Haunting, concrete,real, and imaginary AT THE SAME TIME.

    • Oh I still got the President XII Tower. As I wrote, she’s kind if hard to get rid of. I’ve been biding my time with a black&tan Meteor Adler, but me&Steve agree it’s an inferior machine. Not to worry. Big change, soon come. Thanks for reading!

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