Jim Trainer


In Uncategorized on December 19, 2013 at 3:02 pm

rode up to Hillside met her
with the twinkling warm lights
of South Austin below
we drank heady red wine(s)
and stole out to the terrace to smoke
in the cold night.
it’d been
almost 9 months for her
and he sent her a text just that
“it isn’t good news…” she said
to hear from him
on her first Thanksgiving without him
in 6 years
it wasn’t good news but truth
that snapped her out of her
“silly, hopeful stupor”.
what she had been waiting for
had finally came
but it didn’t make her happy, though.
even if he changed his mind
and had something different to say
it didn’t matter
what his text told her
what it really said to her
was that she was holding on
and waiting for it-for
him to come around
and when he finally did reach out
she knew it was really all too late
“what I found out,” she starts slowly
holding back the tears
“is that I’ve been holding on
and that I can’t hold on to nothing
we went to bed early, around 10
and we lay in her bed
unromantic but
two bodies pressed into each other
sweetly, softly
breathing together
holding on
to each other.


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