Jim Trainer

the one that she hates

In Uncategorized on October 1, 2013 at 10:32 am

He said he never heard you laugh
the way you laughed
with me
we got it up to 8 and ¼ inches
in the bathroom
you sucked on it
until it grew enough to get the tape on it
and measure it
from where?
“the base?
we could hear the old man out there
on the other side of the door,
“Guys? Hello? Hello? Guys?”
the day was getting on
and I was getting annoyed
with life
the way I can get annoyed
with life
we rolled around on the daybed
drinking the old man’s German beer
must’ve looked like
a thousand Hemingways
rolling around on the daybed
we finally said goodbye
the sun hadn’t set
the old man was drunk&unintelligible
and you got in the van
and drove away.
I miss you.

  1. Bukowksi was a fascinating, disgusting sort of poet. The only poems of his that bored me were the ones about horse racing or was it car playing? I can’t remember cause those ones were boring, the rest were really good.

  2. I meant card playing-ooops.

  3. your joking right? it says bukowski above the title, your tag. you mean you write this? i really thought he did! swell job!

  4. Thank you! I’ve compiled a list of posts about Bukowski for you-poems and essays. I hope you enjoy them. Obviously the man has left a profound impression on me-as a writer and a human being. Unrelated-what do you think of my most recent blog post? And lastly, do you have a blog?

    Thanks again. Means allot to me.


  5. […] I should be far from here.  I ain’t into complaining, it tends to yield the kind of posts she hates.  But I’m still stuck here, with my entitled candyass blues, and I need a way out and the only […]

  6. […] is right, it’s been surgery on myself without anesthesia, dirty laundry&tears, whining, poems about my dick size, old rivalries roustabouted and new enemies found. In short, it’s fucked but the fix is in. The […]

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