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One From the Heart-The Sweetheart Parade “Sings Like A Priest”

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Sweetheart Parade

Sweetheart Parade
Sings Like A Priest

Recommended for the dissolution of your marriage.  Listen with rusty glasses of bourbon while the wasted winter cleaves a cold white chasm between you&yr love.
Your sweat tasted like snow,
pines singer Josh Britton at the beginning of album opener Wren, and it starts the fever dream.  You’re on the train platform with her.
You’d be riding for days…
Britton and Laura Walsh sing haunting harmonies.  The kind you find yourself singing,  suddenly awake and alone on your bed at 2:30am.  The fever dream over.  The nightmare beginning.
I don’t know how this blackbird died
he must have fell out of the sky

This album places you in its Backyard, looking down at the dead bird, under the heaviest of skies, buried there in sorrow&snow.  It is then that the Sweetheart Parade gives you the Shovel.
Sings Like A Priest is a stout&frigid listen.  Its sturdiness comes in equal parts from Britton’s chunky barred chords on a dread nought, Daniel Harvie’s malleted&muted thump&wash of toms&cymbals and the solemn upright electric bass tones of Johnny B.  The reverb-soaked leadwork of David Janes on guitar and atmospheres of old, lost radio that bleed from track to track and mingle with the syrupy-sweet melancholia of Slo Mo’s pedal steel curate loneliness to surreal degree.

This is boot-gaze.  Indie music with some bassy balls.  Neutral Milk Post Punk fittingly self-credited as ghost folk and sadder than Death Cab For Cutie on a morphine kick.
This album has got it-the strange power of any great album to always take you on its journey-subtle, unsuggesting
and happy with what you find there, even if it is your own heartache&ruin.
All the reasons you should leave her are within these 8 tracks.  Recommended repeat listening to prompt, ease and navigate your mutiny, with tattered sails and a bitter cargo in the heart.
The best things always end when I’m sober…

To listen and order The Sweetheart Parade Sings Like A Priest click here.


Sings Like A Priest celebrates its 10-Year Anniversary with a deluxe reissue, complete with additional and live tracks.  Available here.

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