Jim Trainer

Singer-Songwriter Jim Trainer Featured On Today’s On The Hill Series

In Uncategorized on February 22, 2013 at 5:07 pm

Greetings Punkrockers.  Please allow me to fill you in on the many projects we have cooking down here at the office.

-I’m the featured performer of Kettle Pot Tracks’ On The Hill Series today.  Please click to tune in for an interview and a live-to-tape performance  of a song of mine called Oh, Angelina.
Swamp EP will celebrate its two-year anniversary with its digital release in May.  Additional artwork and some previously unreleased tracks will be available with purchase.
Farewell to Armor, my debut full-length collection of poetry will be available at select Starbucks locations in the Philadelphia area.
I’ll be doing another reading w/the incredible Lacey Roop in the Spring.  Look for some press coming downwire about the book and the EP.  Need a copy of the book?  Please drop me a line at:  jamesmichaeltrainer@gmail.com
-After almost four years in this town I’ve landed a gig.  The last Thursday of every month I’ll be performing at the super cool&intimate House Wine, from 7-10pm.

My gig as a music critic has prompted me to write about music that I truly love.  I think I’ll call it One From The Heart and give you 300-450 words about albums that have enhanced my life.  Albums that never fail to take me on their journey.  Albums I use for church and therapy.  Old time religion, rock&roll.

We’re all buzzing down here at the Office trying to get these projects off to you w/o a hitch.  Also, I am changing my life and finally completing my certification to teach Yoga this Spring.  Big change, soon come.

Be well.



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