Jim Trainer

Grammys Recap

In Uncategorized on February 11, 2013 at 4:53 pm

The theme of last night’s 54th Annual Grammy Awards could well have been:  We’re the Grammys, aren’t we Awesome?
Host LL Cool J sang the shows praises:  recanting how he moved through the ranks from a semi-underground and mostly meaningless rapper watching the Grammys as a football playing youth to the champion of a major TV network on which the show was being broadcast.  It was like ouroboros except the snake was sucking its dick at both ends.

Performing highlights included an LSD/Alice in Wonderland inspired pop-song performance with strong oedipal tones.  Other meaningless acts competed with their own paint-by-numbers mythology&themes, while striving for complete sterility.
The walks down Memory Lane with dead people the show never gave credit to and more We’re the Grammys! Aren’t We Awesome? moments were especially retarded.
The best thing about last night’s show?
Not being able to tell the difference between vapid&sterile performances from artists I couldn’t give a fuck about and the commercial breaks, as the Target ads really stole the show ie. there was no difference between the ads and the show.

all the broken toys lie on the floor
there’s no more laughter from down the hall
mirror mirror mirror on the wall
whatever could have happened to them all?
Colin Hay, Children On Parade



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