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Cubes Crack, Cameras Flash

In Uncategorized on February 6, 2013 at 11:15 am

I can’t remember a more charm of a night than last Friday.  With my lovely editor helping host I was able to crack jokes and bullshit in the kitchen until showtime.  All the folks I spoke to and interacted with seemed to be having a fabulous time just floating around in the museum-like atmosphere of the mansion.
Readings were brilliant.  Mrs.Julie Gillis stood under the hot light and delivered.  By her fourth (or was it fifth?) piece she had the room on her rythmn.  She had cut the night open and suddenly we were all there.  I stammered with my stacks of paper as per usual and took little heed to my plan.  I read a lot of new stuff and a lot of stuff from the book I didn’t get to at the Philly release. I also read a piece about barricading local DJ Jon Aeli in his car last summer.

Thanks for coming but mostly thanks for having such a great fucking time.  I was able to enjoy the night through you:  your jokes&laughter, your insight and your kind, kind words.  What a great time one can have when all the right people are there.

Up in the high rooms come Monday morning thee hated DJ played “Baltimore” by Randy Newman and, what do you think of that?   I sat with a stack of books grinning into the mire of a grey day dawning in Hippie Town.  My little heartlight was on cause y’all did such a great job tending to it Friday night.

See you on down the road pretty babies.  My next reading will be in May.

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