Jim Trainer

a little ruin

In Uncategorized on December 29, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Way down west 5th, hidden behind boutiques and finery, internet startup offices and cafes, are the railroad tracks. Before you get to Mopac you get a clear view an old junction house and a derelict Mayflower tractor-trailer. There are alleyways and old, dead waters here; underside to ginkgo leaves only now turning gold in late December. This place used to be a speck, a fillup on the way to Houston or on out the state west. That old building, left to rot and stand like history, behind the ever-changing forward looking facade of new Austin, emboldens me. Gives me strength. I feel the decay of the city in my heart like a chiave. I covet the city’s rust like my own blood. I give over hours of my life to long walks through shells of wrought iron twisting in the sun. A little ruin motivates me profoundly. A little ruin reveals the true power of love.  Time…

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