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Shreiks of Paradise, Correspondence&Rails-Dear Chuck

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The Office of Jim Trainer
Fox Den
Hippie Town, USA

Chuck Daas
New Orleans, LA


Dear Chuck-

Holla at yr boy.  Tell ’em sorry.  Don’t tell ’em I could never be alone.  The deadline wasn’t kind but nothing is.
coffee&a couple packs of long brown MORE cigarettes-what am I, a 60year old woman?
Aho and beware the Whiskey.  It takes away the pain but you need pain to write.  And time.  Time’s more important than all these sundry ingredients& pharmaceuticals or some Holy Suffering in the Land of the Free.

It’s officially summer here and I am officially done with the bio.  The July sun was just:  burn&peel, yesterday when me&my partner were trolling the Drag, blasting Brandi Carlisle and looking for falafel.  Summer.  Aho.  Thee most celebrated of seasons.  We lucked out w/some rain the past two days.  It’s cooled everything down and even the hangers-on are fled the sun porch.

We will live to see stranger things than our own mortality, Chuck.  Please remember this and make yr homeboy know, too.
We’re in the Piscean Age, have been since around 50 BCE and will be, well into 2110.  I don’t take any stock in hokey, star system jibba-jabba but, if I did, Beware.  There has been no bloodier Age than the one ruled by the dueling angry Fish.  We both know that Piscean women are looney-tunes but fish men ain’t spoolin’ wit a full reel either.
What is tantamount, Chuck, is that life in the Year of the Water Dragon shall be an auspicious life.  There will be a great clearing off and we will pretend that the dead are gone but we will go on carrying them in our hearts.  There will be something called Middle Class Island on both coasts and down here in the Pearl of the South, the future of Austin is beginning to look more&more like a giant&sprawling Whole Foods.
Oh well.  That’s the price you pay to the Big Boss Man.  The 21st Century will be a paying one.  Aho.  Right down the line someone will have to pay even if it has to be YOU, brother.  The question becomes-who will judge the Righteous, Chuck?

I’d love to explain all the shit that went down as soon as I accepted his offer of work last May.
Actually, no.  I wouldn’t.  It was life and it was messy, a collision of the Kings&Queens and a week of loving dangerously.  Whatever, it’s only nature and nature always Wins.

Power attracts power.  When one tree grows tall about the others, lightning comes to strike it.
-How Yoga Works

Me&my partner sunk into the heart of college town but made it back to the land of Fat Living&Little Consequence.  It was summer in the city and the sun had set.  The bio is done.  Long live the bio.

Go fuck yourself, Chuck.

Jim Trainer
Fox Den
Hippie Town, USA

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